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Our orders are made with 24 hs of anticipation since we use fresh flowers of the season, the arrangements are prepared very early to be delivered during noon in a personalized way, taking care of the transfer of our products.

Give Life

The desire of Rancho Bernardo florist is that your gift symbolize life, who gives a tree loves life.

Small gardens

Our flagship product is the mini gardens, with all the objects it is full of life.


Eternal Roses

Our selection

The Eternal Rose Ecuadorian is distinguished by its quality, duration and size.
The delicacy and beauty is due to their high quality since they are selected from the best fincas. The product that we offer is guaranteed with a useful life of 3 years.

Preservation is a way to dehydrate the rose, and is a technique that allows to keep the flower completely natural in appearance and sensation. The flowers are cut when they are in the most beautiful and radiant moment. The treatment is done with a mixture of glycerin with other elements that are not dangerous to health. The end result is a flexible flower with a completely natural appearance.


Design in Events

Table Centers


Baby Shower

Happy Birthday

Small gifts that fall in love.

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