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New biology of new pesticides from garlic

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From the human food which extract the effective components of crop pests and diseases - it sounds like the idea of ​​hanging almost, now in Guizhou into a reality. Guizhou University Department of
  From the human food which extract the effective components of crop pests and diseases - it sounds like the idea of ​​hanging almost, now in Guizhou into a reality. Guizhou University Department of Biotechnology Professor Zhou Jian officially announced his use of biotechnology, edible garlic and other food from the extraction of active ingredients developed from the new pesticide - bacteria properly. According to reports, this is the first direct from the edible plants extracted from the biological source of new pesticides.
This pesticide is suitable for strict protection of non-residue, non-polluting and safe organic food and green food (AA) and other crops, has been approved for national pesticide temporary registration certificate, is the leading varieties of pesticide products at home and abroad.
  According to Professor Zhou, the main ingredient of mycorrhizal is allicin, in the past there are antibiotics added to the raw materials allicin, but mostly chemical synthesis, unlike the fungus directly from the natural garlic extracted from the edible bio-pesticide The 98% of the ingredients in the fungus are food, while the remaining 2% is food additives, the production process of low pollution, the use of pollution-free process. At home and abroad in many areas of the field efficacy test proved that the bacteria to cucumber, peas and other vegetables, fruit trees and Chinese herbal medicines, flowers, powdery mildew and other disease control rate can reach 80%. Previously, Professor Zhou Jian was the United States JH company hired as biotechnology experts, he developed in the United States and bacteria with the same type of pesticide products have been patented by the United States. As the pesticide products fully meet the international requirements of the prevention and control of organic food disease, the United States about pesticide regulatory authorities as the smallest hazardous "exempt pesticides", enjoy the special policy of pesticide registration, and in the United States can There are only 100 species of pesticides that are exempted. Professor Zhou said that compared with the bacteria in the United States developed by the pesticide is still only the initial stage of the product, bacteria in the formula, the efficacy of more advanced.
  Experts pointed out that the research and development of fungi show the use of human food to prevent crop diseases and pests in the new direction, it is not only China's agricultural research in the field of new achievements, but also organic food, green food production areas in urgent need of valuable production of raw materials.

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