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Garlic processing technology

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Choose mature enough, full of petals, spicy flavor, head hypertrophy garlic. Cut off the fibrous roots, cut the stem plate, soak 1-2 days,
  1, garlic, garlic powder
  Choose mature enough, full of petals, spicy flavor, head hypertrophy garlic. Cut off the fibrous roots, cut the stem plate, soak 1-2 days, scrubbing peeled, washed and dried into thin slices, steaming hot for 5 minutes. Using far infrared drying device, loading capacity of 5-6 kg per square meter, the temperature 65 ℃ -75 ℃, 6-7 hours, when the dry product moisture content of 5% -8%, then packaging and storage. Yield 15% -20%. Garlic powder production only in the garlic processing based on the addition of a grinding process, that is finished.
  2, pickles
  Garlic harvest, cut the fibrous roots, stripping the skin to dry. In 50 kg of water, salt 4 kg, boiled and cooled, plus 50 grams of pepper, red pepper 1 kg, ginger 1.5 kg, wine 1.5 kg, made of formaldehyde. And then the whole garlic head cylinder or bubble altar, pour into the shrimp, with cold water buckle bowl sealed. General fermentation at room temperature for 10 days Serve.
  3, sweet and sour garlic sprouts
  The garlic snails off the hat, water panning, cut into 3 cm long piece. Into the tank plus water and salt, pour the tank twice a day, four or five days after the fish out, put on the piece of light Rouxiao; into the cylinder, plus halogen juice pickled. Halogen juice formula: sugar, vinegar, water mixed boil, cooled into the cylinder, 10 days down the cylinder once, 30 days Serve.
  4, spiced sweet and sour garlic
  Garlic 50 kg, salt 2 kg, red (white) sugar 10 kg, soy sauce 0.5 kg, garlic handle as above. Wash the garlic to dry, a layer of garlic sprinkle a layer of salt, pickled for 24 hours, re-enter the cylinder, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, allspice with cold water preparation of frozen juice, pickled again. Oil or paper seal is tight. Twice a day cylinder, the next day open cylinder air 4-5 hours, half a month later changed to 3 days scattered gas once, 1 month Serve.

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